Sonas Consulting was founded in 2006 by Jeff Sonas after 15 years of experience in database consulting, application development, and EDC (Electronic Data Capture).  We have a broad base of clients, including Gilead Sciences Inc, Genentech, Bracket (formerly United BioSource Corporation), Octagon Research Solutions (now Accenture), and UC Santa Cruz Extension, and we provide consulting services for both EDC clinical solutions and also business database applications.  As an EDC consulting firm, we work with sponsors and other vendors to optimize their software development process for clinical trial EDC study builds, including requirements specification, EDC programming, standards management, SOP development and employee training, UAT/validation, and KPI/metrics development. And for our business database consulting, we have considerable experience designing custom database applications targeted at a client’s specific needs.

About The Principal Consultant

Jeff SonasJeff Sonas graduated with honors with a B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Sciences from Stanford University in 1991. Jeff initially spent nine years as a software engineer and database
consultant, for Scitor Corporation (1991-1996) and Pinpoint Solutions (1996-2000). In 2000 he co-founded Ninaza, a product-based company which provided EDC (Electronic Data Capture) technology used for collecting data from clinical trials and registries over the Internet. Ninaza spent six very successful years a
s an EDC vendor for many of the largest sponsors (including Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Amgen, and Teva Pharmaceutical) and its technology was eventually acquired by Octagon Research Solutions in 2007. Octagon was eventually acquired by Octagon Research Solutions in 2007, who enhanced/rebranded the product as FUSE(tm) before being acquired by Accenture in 2012.

During the years at Ninaza, Jeff Sonas was the database architect and principal engineer for the Ninaza EDC product, designing and developing several versions of the reusable EDC technology allowing rapid and efficient implementations of EDC solutions for many different studies. In 2006 Jeff Sonas left Ninaza and founded Sonas Consulting, a clinical and database consulting firm, based in Castro Valley, CA. After Ninaza’s technology was acquired in 2007, Sonas Consulting worked with every one of Ninaza’s existing customers in transitioning their ongoing clinical studies and other projects.