Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Sonas Consulting has considerable experience designing custom database applications targeted at a client’s specific needs. We will work with employees from all parts of a company in order to develop a full understanding of how data flows throughout the company. This allows us to create specific data models which accurately reflect the underlying data relevant to the client, and to design and build custom database applications to allow users to enter, track, manage, view, and summarize their data.



We developed and maintained a web application allowing employees and managers across the country to interact with the corporate database, allowing a major facilities services company to meet its specific needs for timecard management and job tracking/costing. This required a thorough understanding of the client’s business practices and the development of a custom data model. Sonas Consulting provides all of the database engineering, application development, and release management for this project.


Another significant business database consulting project for Sonas Consulting was the development of a system for tracking detailed building inspections and the creation of a customized scoring algorithm for quantitatively evaluating the results of an inspection. Again, this required thorough investigation into the underlying business practices and the ability to translate these practices into a custom data model and a database solution.